Welcome Food Hampers

GARAS frequently arrange welcome food hampers of store cupboard staples for newly arrived families.

If you’d like to help them to arrange this, or make your own contributions, please email them at info@garas.org.uk.


Food items, including:

Dried chick peas plus Rice and/or Couscous and/or Lentils and/or Bulgar wheat
Olive oiI
Tinned chopped tomatoes
Tea (English Breakfast)
Coffee (Nescafe)
Biscuits (sweet and savoury)
Nuts (pistachios, almonds, cashews)
Could be packed in sturdy shopping bags that can be re-used.
NB Be careful to avoid alcohol and gelatine. The Halal supermarket on the Lower High
Street stocks halal sweets.

Also needed – household supplies and toiletries including:
Toilet paper
Kitchen roll
Washing-up liquid
Surface cleaners
Toilet cleaner
Cleaning clothes/sponges/dusters
NB These items could be packed in a bucket, waste paper basket or laundry basket that can be re-used within the household.
Soap/hand wash
Shower gel
Face cloths
Tooth brushes


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